Two Open Letters to James Corbett

Hi James! Published this letters here, wish you the best and thanks for everything!


Hi James! I hope you are enjoying your week off. I think this may be a good time to email you cause the topics I share here are sort of disconnected from the news. Therefore, no hurry, plz take your time to consider what I express here, I don’t mind if you answer next month or next year or whenever you have time. 

I have been thinking about the pending conversation we have on the Aleph. Are we still having it? I see you are very busy these days. Maybe it will be postponed constantly. But I have your attention now, and I can share something with you. First, some lines on the Aleph, maybe we can talk one day on video call.

We are made of memory, from the events that shape our lives and our countries, to the forms that define our language, to the DNA that guides our actions. All of that information is been recorded, measured and saved in servers. We are creating, inevitably, the seat of the Architect. Humanity must realize on time that surveillance can’t be decoupled from control. But to do so, the paradigm that guides our lens must adapt to the new century: We think we can look at power by looking at the corporations that inhabit the market, or by pointing at the countries that divide the land. However, these are only smoke curtains that hide the real sources of power (you have taught us that). These powers behind the institutional web can use our data against us in ways we don’t yet understand, social engineers rejoice looking at the Aleph being built. The power of prediction – experimentation – control lies behind the institutional forest, but our paradigm that ends the sight on the corporation (as a supposed profit seeking institution) or in the country (as a progress vehicle) won’t let us analyze it.

Is there a way human civilization can stop the creation of the Aleph? I don’t think so. Everything will be surveilled and saved to databases. However, we can turn on the light so some people can see the jail. For this, we need to go beyond the idea of “voluntary” and the NAP: Alexa and the Matrix are voluntary … “will” is in itself a deep mystery. The NAP comes from the belief that power only comes from the barrel of a gun. But no, power also comes from hypnosis and from data. So, a correct paradigm in the century of the Aleph is centralization of power vs decentralization of power. 

How would the decentralization of power look like? Given that we can’t stop technology (actually we can’t define human being without technology), we could make sure that public data is truly public and that private data is really private. If we could open source the phones and the cities, we would share everything with everyone. The Aleph would be in everyone’s hand. We could ensure through Open Science that if a groundbreaking discovery is made, it is shared and not used in the ways of the Military Industrial Complex. But a change in the consciousness of human beings similar to that one that ignited 1789 is needed. 

I don’t think there is a middle of the road option here. Either we decentralize power and lock it, or we let it be centralized. It is a slope towards total centralization we are facing. We can’t trust an insurance corporation with our house data, it will be sold. In the same way, we can’t trust a closed source robot to patrol the streets. Taking down the government cameras and burning 5G towers are just temporary luddite impulses that won’t slow the wheel of technology. However, they are valuable actions because they reveal what it is all made of: aggression. 

The people at the top know about the Aleph. They are ready to take it by force and what we are looking at now are just relatively non-violent actions towards world government. You have exposed their leaning towards eugenics, opening the eyes of many to a correct anthropology of power. However, eugenics is not the goal, it is the medium. The goal is transcendence. This is their “promised land”. 

So, I would love to talk about the Aleph with you, if you consider this philosophical conversation has a place in one of your channels. The next lines surround a topic that is even more important but can seem a bit out of context. Hope you appreciate the connection. 

*  *  * 

You probably have noticed that the elite is obsessed with the occult (maybe the word “obsessed” is just an appreciation from the outside). Also, you may agree that if knowledge is power and power likes the position of power, it has to keep the knowledge hidden. Power can only leverage on knowledge if it is occult. So, the correct strategy for power is to deceive, to build a cavern and put the minds of the rest in there while “the elite’s tradition” knows how the outside really looks like. Therefore, if the elite believes in magic, we should take that seriously … What do they know?

What is the role of a ritual? What is going on at the Bohemian Grove? We can be sure the elites have a tradition that contemplates rituals as useful. We can describe their actions with our 20th century language, “predictive programming”, “mass hymnosis”, “kakistocracy”… But we are not grasping their knowledge and their culture. This can make us think that their practice of pedophilia and cannibalism are just simple acts of brutality because they are “crazy psychopaths” or just mere blackmail perpetrators. However, our language is empty, it has been impregnated with the cartesian scientificism of the modern era. In the past, hypnosis and other phenomenons of consciousness were understood with a magical language (probably in a better way).

The ultimate mind control can be framed with the following image: The town goes to mass and listens to the priest talk in Latin not even facing the crowd; then, on the way out, he sells indulgences. In this example, the image of Jesus is being narrated in such a way that it generates control. Jesus itself is something that in jungian language can be described as an archetype (Krishna or Dionysus played similar roles in the psyche of other civilizations). However, in today’s mythology, the image of Christ is even being used to communicate “climate sins”. What is really being shaped is the consciousness of human beings. 

Let’s look at it from a different angle. The image of Michael Jackson lives in the minds of many generations. Michael is not a person made out of pure flesh, he is a modern myth, similar to Orpheus. Our mind is not in our brain. Also, contrary to the traditional Jungian understanding, the archetypes are not constructs in our mind, but we inhabit the archetypes. The god of war, name it, Ares, is bigger than any of us and it will continue to be there when we leave this place. “It” pulls the strings of history and exists in the psyche of civilizations. To understand this, one must not use the scientific way of “explaining” things, myths are there so that we can comprehend what is transcendent and bigger than us. Also, it can become transparent that methodological individualism and skeptic atheism are just narrative obstacles that don’t let us look at the world in the psyche. Occultists call it the “spirit world”. That place is what the eye at the top of the pyramid is looking at (or maybe, “through”).

So, lets go back to pedophilia and cannibalism. They are used in a ritualistic way. Eating someone reassures their position as “the top of the food chain” symbolically. Pedophilia is an act of power, it may serve as blackmail for outer rings but it also expands a “spirit” in the mind of those people. They have the knowledge and they believe in spirits, we must remember that. 

Also, it looks like they have a hebraic influence. So, the old and the new testaments become an important anthropological text when studying the elite. 

… And, while writing these lines I realized I opened more doors that I could entangle with words in an email. I’ll leave it here James, I hope you found it interesting.

Thanks for all your energy in this time of confusion. Also, I started creating videos in english, I interviewed Derrick, created an adaptation of my cryptopulco talk and also published another video called What is Anarchy? Maybe you can recommend them to your followers if you like them? 

Aaand, I have a question for Corbett … :
When do you think China was colonized? When do you think Russia was finally colonized? «Colonized» can be understood as when the supreme and crucial decisions are not taken by the local mafia. I know it is difficult to be specific, we can talk about decades or «during that war», but I am sincerely intrigued by this topic.


It has been the craziest year, and it is clear you have been very busy. Thanks for all the intelligent and important knowledge you share. I understand you don’t have time to answer this when the world is about to be locked in a bioterror-technocratic jail. So, I’ve decided to publish this and the last letter in my blog. Hope you find a tranquil afternoon to read them.

You probably know that that which unites the people the most is not war, but stories. That is why Hollywood is holy (for them, and for those who worship captain america). In times of Democracy, war has to be sold and marketed to the people, so, the media becomes a crucial tool for those in power. And one can see that people vs the state paradigm is blind when one understands that mafias inhabit all kinds of institutions, and consider all sources of power as important. Especially the one that points the swords and shapes the minds. You have guided me (and thousands) through this path of analysis and many of us have woken up to the pervasiveness of the matrix. However, I think the gravity of the situation has stopped you from digging deeper (maybe you just don’t share those deeper thoughts). And I have to say you are the farthest sighted journalist I know.

It is incredibly important to describe in detail not only the face of the Matrix but also its source. If we follow the money we get to the central banks. If we follow the weapons we get to the intelligence agencies and Lockheed. If we follow the stories and rewind several hundred years, we get to the source (at least journalistically speaking, in this realm), behind the doors of the Vatican.

To shape the human mind in convenient ways is not something that occurs to the normal person. It requires knowledge and exposure to transcendental concepts. When did the mafias behind the Vatican realized they could pull the strings of the people’s imagination and wield more power than kings? They probably knew it by 1789. They probably knew it by the third crusade. They sold indulgences, exterminated the gnostics and built churches everywhere with a story that was repeated again and again and echoed the continents. Time itself was in their hands, life was compassed by the mass bells.

Power, when kept for generations, creates a unique perspective: The throne in the shadows is convenient. The direction of the people’s imagination is important. Memory is essential for a tradition to be hermetic. War is good for business and for getting rid of stuff … You know, all those kinds of thoughts that also require spare time and possibilities.

I don’t believe that the throne in the shadows has belonged to the same families since the crusades, in a monolithic and hereditary way, that would be a reductionism and a simplistic way to look at history (although maybe sometime around the second inquisition the mafias did consolidate a tradition, and maybe later an english branch of this tradition gained influence). If one studies the Holy Roman Empire, the last Inquisition, the Napoleonic Wars, the Jesuits … and asks not the question «what were the people at the Vatican doing in those times», but rather «What kind of thoughts were breeding in those walls», one can grasp the thought that it doesn’t matter who sits on the shadow throne, but what spirit possesses those who inherit certain knowledge and power.

Human lives must be spendable for those who finance both sides of a war, what kind of rituals served as a container for that tradition?

So, if the elite learnt that they can direct civilizations by controlling the stories. What kind of narratives have they favored? Central Banks need nations, nations need anthems, heroes need flags. What about the story of Jesus itself, has it being shaped with an intention? (This probably goes deeper than Coke’s Santa). Are they pulling the strings of Islam and other religions? What about words and language? If words are bridges to meaning, how many hidden layers has the letter Aleph?

Any attempt to answer these questions requires a study of history and an understanding of occultism. So, whenever you have time, please consider pointing your sharp eyes to the Vatican. I know it is only a bishop in today’s chess, but it was the first laboratory (that survived).

PS: The First Laboratory comes from a series I can’t recommend you enough. The japanese Full Metal Alchemist, watch it with your family.

Aaand, one more question for Corbett: When do you think Arabia was finally colonized?


Alejandro Veintimilla


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